World4.0 … Define, Leverage, Scale

We invite your insights of World4.0. The following is a some background. In 1998 the United States War College described the VUCA world as “Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.” VUCA is used to define the challenges executives face in today's global business world. Enter World 3.0, economist, Pankaj Ghemawat, challenges the assumptions behind globalization. He calls for a world that can secure [...]

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Digital Transformation: 8 Changes to Rise Above the Herd

Digital transformation is a requirement for success in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. 80+% of businesses (SMEs to multinationals from B2C to B2B) realize the strategic imperative of digital transformation. But, what happens when 7 out of 8 these businesses  attempted Digital Transformation?  Disaster! The simple fact is that 84% of companies fail at [...]

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Leaders Reinvented: From Leader to Catalyzer

In the changing digital global marketplace, the executive faces a turbulent VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). This uncomfortable milieu faces executives with challenging tension points and decisions that many have no experience or data to draw upon. Beth Comstock calls it the Emergent Era, where ambiguity rules and change is the new normal. Most executives do not [...]

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Was Hitler a Transformative Leader?

Was Hitler a Transformative Leader? By Ira Kaufman As disruption and exponential change confront our institutions and marketplace, our leaders must become agents of “sustainable” transformation. Truly, there is a necessity for “transformative leaders” to address our complex problems of inequality, climate change, job creation, domestic violence and indigenous rights. But who are these leaders? [...]

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Are YOU a Transformative Leader?

Are YOU a Transformative Leader? By Ira Kaufman   In our ever shifting world, the leader is the fulcrum for directing transformation. Organizational change is often stressful and difficult. By anchoring their intention and clarifying their purpose, leaders define a clear path for the mindset and culture required to realize transformation. Most businesses and organizations [...]

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Global Transformation Corps

  Our GTC Challenge “Reimagining global capitalism and entrepreneurship”  By JE Rash and Ira Kaufman               As we face escalating local and global challenges (e.g. health, climate change, inter-ethnic violence, food security, education, women’s empowerment and job creation), we need to reimagine the meaning of capitalism, entrepreneurship and what [...]

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Who’s Knocking? It’s Disruption — Ready or Not…

Ira Kaufman and Jean AbiNader When Donald Trump seized the presidential election, many pundits shifted from predicting his demise to exploring what they had missed. How did the best political analysts and pollsters with the best data miss the outcome so dramatically? Pundits and experts will discuss possible errors for years to come. This [...]

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Demonstrating the Power of Digital Marketing in 2 Minutes

Have you tried to explain to clients, colleagues, businesspeople or students: Why social media works? Why consumers feel they are not listened to? Why traditional advertising has lost much of its power and is not trusted? Why the Digital Media revolution is alive and growing? I recently re-discovered this 2 minute video. [...]

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