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Our Approach… VBID (Values-based, Impact Driven) Management



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Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values

Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values is an easy-to-understand guidebook that draws on the latest digital tactics and strategic insights to help organizations generate sustainable growth through digital integration. It provides a roadmap to adopt a digital mindset, incorporate digital trends strategically, and integrate the most effective digital tactics and tools with core values to achieve competitive advantage. Now in 2nd edition, with adoptions in 50+ business institutions in 12 countries.

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“Most powerful, innovative sessions that I’ve participated.”

Ira Kaufman

Ira Kaufman

He translates digital imperatives into unprecedented opportunities and purposeful outcomes. Learn more.

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Ask Ira and Osama

Baby Boomer and Next Gen Bridge

the creative tension necessary to lead innovative and sustainable solutions for our changing world

Osama Al Saleh

He delivers pragmatic solutions for organizations facing disruption and change in the Digital Age. Learn more.

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