The Catalytic Leadership Lab was launched in collaboration with the Legacy International’s Professional Fellows Program . There were 20 entrepreneurial fellows from both Tunisia and Morocco between the ages of 25-40 years . They were immersed in values based , impact driven training that resulted in the design and implementation of a social impact project.

They were introduced to the Catalytic Mindset – translates values and purpose through four lenses (Entrepreneurial, Quantum, Connective, Data) into a collaborative culture that generates sustainable impact.

They were challenged to redefine the leader in World4.0.  Catalytic Leaders or Catalyzers crave change to meet current and anticipated challenges. They are continuously innovating and designing more effective ways to improve the lives of all stakeholders – on a local and global level. Catalyzers focus not only on what the organization is, but what the organization wants to become. Their goal is to enhance sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders while generating profit and social and environment impact.