Have you tried to explain to clients, colleagues, businesspeople or students:

  • Why social media works?
  • Why consumers feel they are not listened to?
  • Why traditional advertising has lost much of its power and is not trusted?
  • Why the Digital Media revolution is alive and growing?

I recently re-discovered this 2 minute video. It’s a very powerful demonstration of digital marketing and answers all of the questions above. Take 2 minutes and watch The Breakup.

As a viewer, you just experienced the five keys to Digital Marketing in a dinner dialogue between a man (the Advertiser) and a woman (the Consumer). The acting, the content and the gestures are exquisite as it shares the growing gap between traditional advertising and the consumer.

The five keys to a successful Digital Marketing Strategy are reflected in this video.

  1. Listening – The Advertiser is a bit arrogant and not listening to the Consumer.
  2. Engagement – The Advertiser is talking past the Consumer by shouting “non-genuine” messages. They are not engaging in conversations.
  3. Relationship – There is no relationship between the Consumer and the Advertiser. There is NO trust therefore they don’t communicate or share in the dialogue. When she says “I want a divorce”, he won’t even listen!  She is done with traditional advertising!
  4. Value – The Advertiser is sharing all the things he is doing for the Consumer but she says “you don’t know me”, as if saying “I find NO Value in what you are offering; I don’t receive any benefit.
  5. Access – The Consumer states that “they don’t hang out in the same places.” The consumer can’t access the advertiser’s messages because she doesn’t use the same media outlets.

At the conclusion the woman (Consumer) leaves the restaurant –“ I’m out of here” reflecting our current consumers turnoff with traditional media and their attraction for digital marketing with their use of social media.

Showing this 2 minute video has helped our clients understand the need for digital media and the new role of the consumer in the marketing mix. As a marketing professional, what other ways have you explained this shift in marketing to your clients?  As a consumer, was this video helpful in demonstrating the power of digital marketing?  Please leave your comments below.