Global Transformation Corps

Our GTC Challenge

“Reimagining global capitalism and entrepreneurship” 

By JE Rash and Ira Kaufman            


As we face escalating local and global challenges (e.g. health, climate change, inter-ethnic violence, food security, education, women’s empowerment and job creation), we need to reimagine the meaning of capitalism, entrepreneurship and what it means to be a citizen of a truly global world. The only way we can envisage a sustainable, successful future for ourselves, our children and future generations is to create it; that’s why we formed Global Transformation Corps (GTC). This program is the vision of Legacy International & Entwine Digital  with a combined experience of five decades empowering individuals and developing and managing purposeful enterprises. GTC mobilizes values-based, emerging leaders, giving them the skillset and support necessary to build resilient businesses and socially impactful ventures; they emerge as “Transformers” carrying the mantle of social change and passion for social impact with the funding to act.


With the recent changes in the US and global landscape, we believe it’s critical for every one of us to come together to be part of the solution and not merely point of the glaring problems. GTC is born with one laser-focused thought – the necessity to empower sustainable initiatives in business and social sectors. We need to reimagine our “corporate” capitalism to become an economic system that is equitable and sustainable. Furthermore, we need to transform the “dependence” on international aid to collaborative funding from public and private sources and sustainable enterprise development. Continuous social innovation must be fueled by sustainable economic models.


Train Emerging Leaders: GTC is one corrective that empowers Emerging Leaders (aged 20-35) from around the world by supporting and aggregating their individual/local efforts to address social, environmental, health and other human needs and scale them to their countries and global society. Traditional training for these emerging leaders is; connecting them with successful industry leaders and nonprofit change agents; sharing best business practices; and providing project management training thru mini grants. This training has been successful in providing incremental change in their local communities. It reinforces social change benefitting individuals and communities. The next step must be catalytic and exponential activating a corps of “Transformers.”


Leverage values-driven network: GTC trains, nurtures,  and supports a collaborative network of catalytic leaders and systemic decision makers generating purposeful local, regional change enterprises. These values-driven social and business entrepreneurs and leaders reimagine and share innovative ventures to address the gaps/needs in their countries and those previously targeted through international aid. GTC shifts the mindset that social and economic aid is solely provided to targeted country projects. It targets ventures based on local leaders’ initiatives and geopolitical conditions and crowdsources the best solutions collaborating with local and global partners. As individuals and a global network, the GTC educates and influences local businesses and multinational corporations to to leverage digital technologies and invest and scale sustainable social impact ventures.


Support sustainable ventures: GTC’s mission is to foster public-private partnerships working with investors, businesses, multinational lending agencies, philanthropic institutions and government aid agencies to support innovative ventures necessary to meet the social and economics shifts of our 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). These business models will be vetted by expert start-up teams of a new Global Transformation Impact Venture Fund. This fund is designed to minimize risk, maximize impact and nurture these ventures to become sustainable and propels exponential impact.


This is a clarion call to the practical inter-generational visionaries. entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, designers, business people, donors and investors around the world who are committed to driving social solutions that make a difference. GTC, a collaboration between Legacy International & Entwine Digital  is targeting fall 2017 launch. We welcome support of collaborators and resource partners and encourage your comments and sharing with your network.