Embracing catalytic leadership in the digital marketplace

Jeanette Teh explores what embracing ‘digital’ actually means for companies in the current marketplace. Twenty years ago last month, Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the Google domain name, a misspelling of the mathematical term of one followed by a hundred zeroes to denote the large quantities of data that it would handle. Renamed from [...]

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Leaders Reinvented: From Leader to Catalyzer

In the changing digital global marketplace, the executive faces a turbulent VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). This uncomfortable milieu faces executives with challenging tension points and decisions that many have no experience or data to draw upon. Beth Comstock calls it the Emergent Era, where ambiguity rules and change is the new normal. Most executives do not [...]

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Are YOU a Transformative Leader?

Are YOU a Transformative Leader? By Ira Kaufman   In our ever shifting world, the leader is the fulcrum for directing transformation. Organizational change is often stressful and difficult. By anchoring their intention and clarifying their purpose, leaders define a clear path for the mindset and culture required to realize transformation. Most businesses and organizations [...]

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Global Transformation Corps

  Our GTC Challenge “Reimagining global capitalism and entrepreneurship”  By JE Rash and Ira Kaufman               As we face escalating local and global challenges (e.g. health, climate change, inter-ethnic violence, food security, education, women’s empowerment and job creation), we need to reimagine the meaning of capitalism, entrepreneurship and what [...]

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Goal of Entrepreneurship… profit, sustainability or both?

By   J.E. Rash, Legacy International Ira Kaufman, Entwine Digital By enabling the rapid diffusion of ideas and concretizing modes of communicating change, digital technologies are changing our world offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. There are more than 7000 accelerators and incubators globally representing a $56.2 billion market for new entrepreneurial ventures. [...]

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Digital Transformation Accelerator: Where Transformation Begins and is Sustained

Businesses globally share the challenge- How to adapt their organization to facilitate Digital Transformation?  Where does change begin? Digital Transformation is the key phrase among senior leadership. It manifests in organizations under many different names: Digital Transformation Accelerator,Rapid Innovation Unit, Digital Services Unit, Digital Acceleration Team, and Digital Transformation Unit.  The nature of this manifestation can be an internal [...]

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