Humanity and Artificial Intelligence, an Abyss or Haven

Do we value the convenience and power of Artificial Intelligence over the sanctity of our human values? Our hi-tech business community is being challenged by the game changing Artificial Intelligence conundrum.  Value Generated  Each of us on our smartphones and computers interact and use Artifiical Iintelligence as much as 30-40 times daily; we are not [...]

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Digital or Death! Six Priorities for Digital Transformation or Face Extinction

  “Digital disruption is not only a possibility for your company’s future but the only possibility.”James McQuivey Here’s the snapshot from Forester Research’s major study, The Future of Business is Digital In 17 industry sectors from insurance bracket [86%] to industrial products [60%] executives agree that digital technologies will disrupt their business in the next [...]

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Are You Asking the Right Questions about Digital Transformation?

All roads and transactions lead to digital. As pundits pontificate about the future for digital marketing, we see trends being compiled across the internet. These predictions focus on consequences external to the company –explosion of data, changes in technology, integrated analytics and new consumer experience. For the executive, this data is somewhat distracting and [...]

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Digital Transformation: Leveraging Digital Technology with Core Values to Achieve Sustainable Business Goals

Digital is changing the way business operates, forever altering the content of messaging, control over brand, interaction with customers, and communication with stakeholders. We are all, to some degree, students of the digital evolution – executives and non-profit managers, owners and entrepreneurs. Below Ira Kaufman and Chris Horton discuss how clarifying and aligning an organisation [...]

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Navigating the Executive’s Digital Paradoxes

How can we prepare executives and managers to navigate the disruptions and respond to the opportunities offered by the digital revolution? A recent Forester study  highlights a fundamental paradox faced by senior management: “Today's executives know digital is a threat. More than 90% of global business executives believe digital will disrupt their business in [...]

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Who’s Preparing the 3+ Million Digital Marketing Managers Needed by 2018?

Everyone acknowledges the global business environment is dynamically changing with the adoption of digital technologies, globalization of the marketplace, and changes in the global workforce (75% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2025).  As organizations respond to rapid-fire changes in the global digital business environment, they are forced to restructure to compete and [...]

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Digital Transformation – A Seven Step Roadmap

Digital Transformation - A Seven Step Roadmap by Ira Kaufman During the first decade of the 21st century, we experienced the Social Marketing Revolution. In 2007, with launch of the iPhone, mobile exploded into a major force in marketing.  As this treasure trove of data began to be collected and analyzed, Big Data emerged [...]

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Prepare yourself for the Digital Marketing Transformation

 11 Steps to Prepare for Digital Transformation   The digital revolution has evolved to ongoing digital transformation. What’s changing in the digital environment? CXOs are replacing CMOs  Control has given way to openness Customer service is now a competitive necessity Content is now the game changer Data drives competitive edge How to best prepare [...]

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