OP-ED: Roanoke Times November 2016—Unprecedented Disruption: The Election Today, Your Business Tomorrow –

Dr. Kaufman is director of the Institute for Transformative Leadership at Lynchburg College. When Donald Trump seized the presidential election, many pundits shifted from predicting his demise to exploring what they had missed. How did the best people with the best data miss the outcome so dramatically? Political scientists and statisticians will discuss the [...]

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Driving Digital Transformation

Where Digital Meets Cultural Transformation - Driving Digital Transformation 1. STRATEGIC PLANNING - "We impact organizations using digital to shift your thinking and acquire new mindsets."  Transitioning into the global digital marketplace, companies need to foster an environment where their Values & Purpose are aligned with leadership.  Entwine's team enhances strategic planning as it [...]

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There is no success without Listening to the Market, Employees, Research and Innovation

Interview with Ira Kaufman by Marta Duić posted online at Croatian Business Daily website- Poslovni dnevnik.  Ira Kaufman, Digital Strategist and Marketing Consultant speaks at PODRAVKA "Digital strategist and marketing consultant Ira Kaufman helps companies, from multinationals to startups in branding, marketing on social networks, integration of digital marketing, and the transformation of their [...]

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Croatian Employer’s Association

The HUP (Croatian Employer's Association) sponsored the Digital Transformation lecture entitled "Digital or Death?" on the subject of digital transformation, attended by many Croatian entrepreneurs and employers. The lecture was held Ph.D. Ira Kaufman, a global digital marketing expert with a doctorate under the supervision of Dr. Philip Kotler, with the help of his partner Sam Rasoul, [...]

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Millennials And Execs Don’t Think The Same And That Means Big Headaches – B&T News

There is a generational gap in the media landscape between Millennials and Executives, said Ira Kaufman, CEO of digital strategy company, Entwine Digital. Speaking at the digital disruption conference, Daze of Disruption in Sydney, Kaufman explained to the audience how the digital landscape has very different values to the traditional landscape. “The world of [...]

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Digital Transformation: Leveraging Digital Technology with Core Values to Achieve Sustainable Business Goals

Digital is changing the way business operates, forever altering the content of messaging, control over brand, interaction with customers, and communication with stakeholders. We are all, to some degree, students of the digital evolution – executives and non-profit managers, owners and entrepreneurs. Below Ira Kaufman and Chris Horton discuss how clarifying and aligning an organisation [...]

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Social Media B2B Marketing for the Adhesive and Sealant Industry

Entwine Inc was selected by the Adhesive and Sealant Council to educate industry leaders about social media and B2B marketing at the 2010 Adhesive and Sealant Spring Conference in Savannah, Georgia. Ira Kaufman and Patsy Stewart studied the industry and gathered examples of companies starting to embrace social media such as [...]

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