Catalytic Leadership Lab Launched

The Catalytic Leadership Lab was launched in collaboration with the Legacy International's Professional Fellows Program . There were 20 entrepreneurial fellows from both Tunisia and Morocco between the ages of 25-40 years . They were immersed in values based , impact driven training that resulted in the design and implementation of a social impact project. They [...]

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The March for Our Lives: Sustaining #neveragain with the Z Generation

Sustaining #neveragain A Chorus of Harmony March For Our Lives … 800,000 Voices By Will Tharp, Diyaa Kaufman, Ira Kaufman Our Voice 11:23 am: There is silence. Beneath the blasting music and the shouted conversations on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C, it feels as if the Earth is waiting with baited breath. Although the March doesn’t begin until twelve [...]

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Leading C Suite Executives Attend ‘Digital or Death’ Workshop in Lahore

A digital workshop titled 'Digital or Death' was conducted by Brainchild Communications Pakistan and RED Communication Arts in Lahore recently. The workshop, catering to the C-Suite management of several FMCGs, MNCs, banks and businesses based out of Lahore, was conducted by digital transformation specialist Ira Kaufman. Beyond the Scope of 'Challenge Market' The workshop focused [...]

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Digital Marketing and Transformation Webinar … #1 Business School, Iran

Dr. Ira Kaufman and Chris Horton have been invited by Graduate School of Management and Economics, Sharif University of Technology (SUT),  Tehran, Iran to offer Digital Marketing and Transformation Webinar  in April 2017. SUT is ranked number one in Iran for technology and business subjects (equivalent to MIT in US) with strong ties with Iran's business community.

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Data, Media, Innovation… Roadmaps to Success in the Networked Economy

February 7, 2017 Transformative Leaders Lab Institute for Transformative Leadership Lynchburg College, School of Business and Economics Guest speaker: Mark Malseed, Digital Entrepreneur, Media Innovator and Bestselling Author of THE GOOGLE STORY Mark advises some of the largest organizations in the world on digital media & communications strategy. An investigative journalist turned entrepreneur, he is co-founder of [...]

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Transformative Leaders Lab Launched

Launched January 17 2017 Transformative Leaders Lab – Lynchburg College Institute for Transformative Leadership Lynchburg College, School of Business and Economics Let’s Start the Conversation! Where can you spend 3 hours a month challenged by transformative leaders and engaging with a circle of peers to anticipate the digital ... This LAB provides executives and aspiring [...]

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OP-ED: Roanoke Times November 2016—Unprecedented Disruption: The Election Today, Your Business Tomorrow –

Dr. Kaufman is director of the Institute for Transformative Leadership at Lynchburg College. When Donald Trump seized the presidential election, many pundits shifted from predicting his demise to exploring what they had missed. How did the best people with the best data miss the outcome so dramatically? Political scientists and statisticians will discuss the [...]

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