The HUP (Croatian Employer’s Association) sponsored the Digital Transformation lecture entitled “Digital or Death?” on the subject of digital transformation, attended by many Croatian entrepreneurs and employers. The lecture was held Ph.D. Ira Kaufman, a global digital marketing expert with a doctorate under the supervision of Dr. Philip Kotler, with the help of his partner Sam Rasoul, MBA.


The work of Mr. Kaufman is based on the creation of social branding and integrated digital marketing plans for businesses and non-profit organizations. As one of the most important characteristics emphasizes the value and sustainability implemented in all of its marketing strategy. On this subject has recently published a book entitled: Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy, Tactics with Values, together with his colleague Chris Horton.

The lecture was held in English, it is interactive type with constant communication lecturer with the audience. Through lecture sought to show maladjustment modern business needs of its customers, ie, end users and the lack of relevant knowledge of the market, which resulted in failure to numerous business opportunities and finally the collapse of the companies themselves.

Interesting contributed and videos on the subject of digital transformation which the audience visually tried to approach the point of this idea of a new digital marketing. After the lecture was followed by questions from the audience which resolved many doubts regarding digital planning strategies and their successful implementation in the enterprise.