There is a generational gap in the media landscape between Millennials and Executives, said Ira Kaufman, CEO of digital strategy company, Entwine Digital.

Speaking at the digital disruption conference, Daze of Disruption in Sydney, Kaufman explained to the audience how the digital landscape has very different values to the traditional landscape.

“The world of digital is a little bit different,” he said. “The society, the culture, which is a global society, has a different set of values. They have values where transparency rules the way they live, the way they post, the way they communicate – it’s a different world.”

Millennials have grown up with this digital era, and have become accustomed to these altered values.

“What about the executive?” asked Kaufman. “The traditional executive who’s marketing to these guys, to these millennials and connected generation.

“You’re dealing with a group of traditional executives who covet information, and market it to a whole connected culture which is transparent about this.”

Many CEOs and the C-suite of employees are very traditional in their values, he added, “very traditional, very happy for making significant profits for the last five years, very happy with their marketing strategies…very egocentric about it”.

“But what about the Millennial,” he said. “They want to change everything. They don’t believe in that strategy. They want to communicate differently.”

So we have two cultures which aren’t thinking on the same wavelength, argued Kaufman.

“One is marketing to another culture that doesn’t even understand how their culture thinks, or doesn’t accept it.

“Let me tell you, everybody in this room knows how hard it is to change your values and operations. It’s a hard process. But if you really want to find success, you’ve got to begin to work in this area.”

One video Kaufman believed summed it up nicely, was one created by Microsoft, below.

By Emma Mackenzie