Interview with Ira Kaufman by Marta Duić posted online at Croatian Business Daily website- Poslovni dnevnik

Ira Kaufman, Digital Strategist and Marketing Consultant speaks at PODRAVKA

Ira Kaufman, Digital Strategist and Marketing Consultant speaks at PODRAVKA

“Digital strategist and marketing consultant Ira Kaufman helps companies, from multinationals to startups in branding, marketing on social networks, integration of digital marketing, and the transformation of their marketing strategies. He applies his 35 years of experience in business, non-profit and educational environments in creating sustainable solutions to the digital market.

He has worked with Phillip Kotler, who is often referred to as “the founder of modern marketing,” on the advancement of initiatives in social marketing. CEO of Entwine Digital, a company that prepares  businesses to become digitally competitive,  guiding them through the digital transformation. His latest book, “Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values” provides a unique insight into the profession and the manual is one that helps people in transforming and adapting the digital marketing.

How can you know if your business is strong enough to survive in modern digital marketplace?

Four factors to determine if you are surviving and thriving in the new digital marketplace: (1)If you are listening and responding to your target market, (2)If you are engaging and involving your employees (3)if you are collecting relevant data in the marketplace to drive decisions, and (4)if you are are orienting your organization towards breakthrough innovation and developing a digital mindset.

Is it possible that today business survives without good digital strategy? Why?

Strategy is depends upon your target market. What is necessary is an integrated digital strategy which is necessary for a domestic or international market. The millennials share the values across the global, of course with nuances for their local markets. Another distinguishing factor is whether a company is B2B or B2C.

What is the most important thing people need to know before going digital?

Firms need to acknowledge and agree upon the core values of their company and how they will be integrated into their brand. In this transparent world where consumers have high expectations of companies and their promises, a consistent values driven marketing strategy will best serve the long term goals for sustainable outcomes for any company.

What should be main focus in developing strategy?

Integration. Firms often know a variety of imperative tactics, but the integrated strategy across traditional and new marketing mediums, across business functions, and throughout your value chain is vital to forging the synergies necessary to excel.

Is it possible that a world wide known brand survives on market without social media strategy? Can you give us the example of good strategy?

Social media is not the answer, but a tool that is part of your integrated digital marketing strategy. True global brands must incorporate and share value to all of its stakeholders. The new Creating Shared Value business paradigm outlines the importance of this value.

What are the main advantages of marketing that is focused on social media?

Social media encourages conversation and involvement of the consumer in the development and championing of the products and services. Social allows us to more effectively convey our value set which is of vital importance to the new consumer.”