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OP-ED: Roanoke Times November 2016—Unprecedented Disruption: The Election Today, Your Business Tomorrow –

Dr. Kaufman is director of the Institute for Transformative Leadership at Lynchburg College. When Donald Trump seized the presidential election, many pundits shifted from predicting his demise to exploring what they had missed. How did the best people with the best data miss the outcome so dramatically? Political scientists and statisticians will discuss the [...]

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“Destruct” Your Business… Disruption Flipped

Welcome to the conversation. You are one of the million+ executives globally that are challenged by “current business environment of disruption and digital innovation.” Google it! Here’s what comes up … “Digital disruption is at the heart of all the conversations; it has just begun.” “Most businesses are not just concerned about all aspects of [...]

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Business Leaders need to be Digital Pioneers…BUT are they prepared?

Who are the leaders of today …tomorrow?  … Are they Digital Pioneers? Leadership is a courageous journey to disrupt the old, amplify the new, and propel the global community forward. “To grasp the digital opportunity… enterprises need to “flip” from old to new in terms of information and technology leadership, value leadership and people [...]

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Are You a World Class Digital Leader?

Three months ago in preparing for a presentation at the World Marketing Summit in Tokyo, Professor Philip Kotler, the grandfather of modern marketing, challenged me with the question- What does it take to be a world-class digital leader? Having led workshops and consulted with senior executives on five continents on digital marketing and transformation, [...]

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Beware the Minefields to Digital Transformation!

As Digital Transformation (DX) is this year’s corporate buzzword, let’s take a quick snapshot of the digital landscape from the perch of a senior executive.                                          SNAPSHOT                 [...]

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Goal of Entrepreneurship… profit, sustainability or both?

By   J.E. Rash, Legacy International Ira Kaufman, Entwine Digital By enabling the rapid diffusion of ideas and concretizing modes of communicating change, digital technologies are changing our world offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. There are more than 7000 accelerators and incubators globally representing a $56.2 billion market for new entrepreneurial ventures. [...]

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Digital Transformation Accelerator: Where Transformation Begins and is Sustained

Businesses globally share the challenge- How to adapt their organization to facilitate Digital Transformation?  Where does change begin? Digital Transformation is the key phrase among senior leadership. It manifests in organizations under many different names: Digital Transformation Accelerator,Rapid Innovation Unit, Digital Services Unit, Digital Acceleration Team, and Digital Transformation Unit.  The nature of this manifestation can be an internal [...]

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Driving Digital Transformation

Where Digital Meets Cultural Transformation - Driving Digital Transformation 1. STRATEGIC PLANNING - "We impact organizations using digital to shift your thinking and acquire new mindsets."  Transitioning into the global digital marketplace, companies need to foster an environment where their Values & Purpose are aligned with leadership.  Entwine's team enhances strategic planning as it [...]

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There is no success without Listening to the Market, Employees, Research and Innovation

Interview with Ira Kaufman by Marta Duić posted online at Croatian Business Daily website- Poslovni dnevnik.  Ira Kaufman, Digital Strategist and Marketing Consultant speaks at PODRAVKA "Digital strategist and marketing consultant Ira Kaufman helps companies, from multinationals to startups in branding, marketing on social networks, integration of digital marketing, and the transformation of their [...]

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