What are the challenges facing the B2B marketers?

2012 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey suggests:

The fact that buyers are increasingly dissatisfied with the engagement process is one of the most eye opening statistics from the survey. Despite all of the tools available –CRM, web analytics and marketing automation – this shows that marketing and sales teams are still struggling to keep pace with the changing expectations of buyers.”

newb2bbuyerWho are the new B2B buyers? 72% Used social media to research their solution purchases 54% Followed online discussions to learn more about topics. 22% Posted questions on social networking sites looking for suggestions and feedback. 14% Connected directly with potential solution providers via social networking channels

  • They are more agile buyers; more than 50% initiated the contact with the business.
  • At the outset of their search process for solution providers, these buyers were greatly influenced by online and social media. (see chart below)


This new buyer’s research and decision process  is very much involved with social/digital media. Therefore the development of a B2B/ B2G Digital Marketing  Strategy would be a necessary next step.

Digital B2B Marketing Strategy

Here is an nine step outline of the  Digital Marketing  Strategy.

  1. 1. Align Goals and Values
  2. 2. Assess your Reputation
    • -Assess your online company reputation; digital footprint critical for B2B
    • -Assess the strengths and weaknesses of offline reputation
  3. 3. Know your Competitors
    • – Determine the gaps and your competitive positioning
    • – Set yourself apart from the competition
  4. 4. Pinpoint your Targets
    • – It is not quantity of targets but those that need and can see value added
  5. 5. Create a Brand of Value
    • – Listen to your clients, employees and executive team –
      • – – Who are we? and What do we do?
    • – Clarify your value proposition
    • – Develop your brand promises
    • – Articulate how targets will benefit from working with you
  6. 6. Maximize Your Company’s Web Presence
    • – Create content on your website that focuses on your brand promises
    • – Use clear and concise language that speak directly to clients, procurement officers and end users( e.g., clients, government agencies)
    • – Develop valuable downloadable information ( e.g., valuegraphics , PDF’s, whitepapers )
    • – Share client success videos
    • – Provide ROI calculators, assessment tools
  7. 7. Elevate Your Digital Profile in the Community
    • – Bring potential clients into the  B2B sales funnel
      • – – Use LinkedIn and blogs (most highly ranked venues for interaction)
      • – – Use Google + and YouTube videos to support high search positions
    • – Move potential clients down the funnel
      • – – Build Relationships , critical element of winning  contracts
      • – – Provide timely information
      • – – Demonstrate online demo
    • – Maintain regular interactivity
    • – Focus on post sales service, retention and potential upsell
    • – Support  advocacy and product championing
  8. 8. Monitor and Evaluate your Progress
    • – Monitor your company chatter
      • – – Who and what people are saying
    • – Evaluate the reach and conversion of media tools
    • – Evaluate the success in moving potential clients down the sales funnel
  9. 9. Sustainability
    • – Make adjustments in strategy