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GERVAS: 6 Benchmarks for Digital Marketing Strategy

GERVAS:  Goal – Engage – Relationship –  Value –  Action – Synthesize

GERVAS is the tool to guide the development of your social media campaign. Here are the six elements and the questions to ask?

As a business or organization launches a social media program, they try to anticipate the results and make the necessary refinements.   These are some typical questions:

  • Is the content of your social media message effective?
  • Is your target market communicating via social media and will you reach them?
  • Are you choosing and optimizing your social media tools?
  • How do you evaluate your strategy before launch?

Each marketer/ businessperson can apply six simple benchmarks to evaluate the potential effectiveness of your social media efforts. This can be done as a self-evaluation, discussion with your team or via a focus group. Read More »

Here’s Proof Digital Marketing Works for Auto Dealers

In the past two years the social media revolution has ignited the automotive manufacturers to success.

IT  WORKS  > >

Auto Social Media Factoids:

23 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Twitter with Traditional Advertising

Integrated Media Marketing is when you effectively integrate social media with traditional marketing. Here are 23 ideas for integrating Facebook and Twitter in PR, direct selling, customer services, advertising and sales promotions.

Back of Business Card

  1. Add Facebook Widget /plugins to website or blog
  2. Show Twitter stream on website
  3. Use buttons in footer, contact page and sidebar of  website
  4. Add Share/Like/Tweet buttons on products and content on website
  5. Include links on your business cards
  6. Include info in email signature file
  7. Add Facebook /Twitter to voice mail messages (office and cellphone)
  8. Include Facebook/Twitter info on invoices and receipts Read More »

Social Media – Déjà vu for the Auto Dealer?

After many years as a senior manager, consultant, and co-owner on the retail side of the automotive industry I have a unique “view” as I watch the typical automobile dealership management team wrestle with the idea of implementing social media into their organization.

It seems the manufacturers have done a great job of educating the owners of their franchise on the importance of getting on-board the social media wave. However, most, with little or no understanding of  Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc., are struggling with how to get it done.  It doesn’t seem that many years ago we were dealing with a similar issue.  At that time the Internet was the “buzz word” and the majority of us were trying to get an understanding of how to best utilize this new “tool”.  For most of us our new internet manager was someone we chose from our sales team who had an interest in the internet and enough knowledge to ensure us that we were making the right decision.  With the internet manager in place and our limited understanding of the subject we went back to the day to day challenges of running our stores. In hindsight, by hiring from within, it caused us to under-utilize the potential the Internet provided.

Now the “buzz” is social media and I am hearing managers say they could hire teenagers, relatives, college kids etc. (saving money) to run their social media campaigns.  How do you educate someone Read More »

Demonstrating the Power of Digital Marketing in 2 Minutes

Have you tried to explain to clients, colleagues, businesspeople or students:

  • Why social media works?
  • Why consumers feel they are not listened to?
  • Why traditional advertising has lost much of its power and is not trusted?
  • Why the Digital Media revolution is alive and growing?

I recently re-discovered this 2 minute video. It’s a very powerful demonstration of digital marketing and answers all of the questions above. Take 2 minutes and watch The Breakup.

As a viewer, you just experienced the five keys to Digital Marketing in a dinner dialogue between a man (the Advertiser) and a woman (the Consumer). The acting, the content and the gestures are exquisite as it shares the growing gap between traditional advertising and the consumer. Read More »

Six Keys to Optimizing Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Anyone with a bit of tech savvy can set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and begin posting updates. . But can they accomplish the needs of a business in this digital age?  Can a tech savvy youth create competitive advantage, the key for businesses in meeting their goals?

For most small businesses the answer is NO!   They will contribute to the plethora of un-optimized, under-utilized social media accounts. The result —Digital Hubmany small businesses “try out social media” and contend “it doesn’t work!”

There is an alternative approach- Digital Marketing Optimization (DMO). DMO leverages the power of each media platform and integrates them to drive traffic to your online environment, while achieving your business goals.

DMO designs an online environment that easily connects to other social communities, expanding the reach and exposure of your site. It increases “socially referred traffic” as unique users can easily share comments through audio, video and text links.

Here are six keys to make Digital Media work for small businesses:

  1. Design a Step-by-Step Digital Strategy Read More »

Your Six Step Social Media Roadmap

To be successful at social media you need to have a plan.  As the publisher, you control the power to social media confusiondistribute your content through digital media platforms such as blogs, mobile, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Most businesspersons are overwhelmed with all the options and how to implement them.  These six steps provide a roadmap to use social media to achieve optimal results for your business.

Step 1 –Determine Social Media Value for Your Business

  • Develop an understanding of social media and online communities – How can you gain traction for ideas and grow your network to benefit your company?
  • Determine goals – What does your company want to accomplish with social media?
  • Evaluate social media – Is it a good fit for your company/institution?

Step 2 – Identify Challenges Facing Your Business When Implementing Digital Marketing

  • Determine organization’s changes – how will your company adopt social media? Read More »

Healthcare Case Studies Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Healthcare professionals and marketing consultants converged in New York City this month to attend Social Communications & Healthcare; Case Studies and Roundtables, a conference hosted by Business Development Institute. Ira Kaufman, President of Entwine Inc, and I were honored to have been chosen to Moderate Roundtable discussions.

Harnessing the Power of Social MediaHospitals, non-profits, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals are searching for effective venues to engage patients. They are investigating the application of social media as they are confounded with compliance issues, newly proposed FDA regulations and conservative management. The conference featured case studies of healthcare companies and organizations that are using social media in different contexts.  Some of the companies included: Read More »

Did You Know… All About Facebook

Did you know…  Facebook’s value has more than doubled in the past 12 months to over $ 8 billion!

Did you know… Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in America!

Did you know…  The average Facebook user has 130 friends.

Facebook stats are constantly being updated. Recently Mashable included a great graphic showing some little known Facebook stats that I found extremely interesting. They provided the code so we could embed the graphic on our site, so read on to find the most popular Facebook pages and other interesting statistics. Read More »

Patient Touchpoint Strategy – 4 Steps to Increase Total Patient Experience

Patient Touchpoint Strategy

Patient touchpoints or interactions with health care facility and professionals define patient centered care. They determine the total patient experience and satisfaction, affecting not only the clinical tasks but patient outcomes.  With the growth of online and social media, healthcare administrators have new tools to evaluate and effect patient centered care.

California HealthCare Foundation Study of Health 2.0 suggests,

“Innovative collaborations online among groups of patients, medical professionals, and other health care players are challenging the notion that health care happens only between a single patient and doctor in an exam room.”

In the growing Health 2.0 model, online and social media have dramatically Read More »