A Brand Called “Me”

Tweet Everyone who has watched TV or read a magazine or a newspaper has experienced many brands. But how do you really get an understanding of the elements that create a brand? We know that the brand is valuable asset for the success of a business. It creates and delivers value to your target market. … Read more

Prepare yourself for the Digital Marketing Transformation

Tweet  11 Steps to Prepare for Digital Transformation   The digital revolution has evolved to ongoing digital transformation. What’s changing in the digital environment? CXOs are replacing CMOs  Control has given way to openness Customer service is now a competitive necessity Content is now the game changer Data drives competitive edge How to best prepare … Read more

6 Benchmarks for Evaluating a Sustainable Digital Marketing Strategy: SERVAS Digital Analysis

Tweet Before designing a Digital Strategy, my clients often ask the “million dollar” question — “How do I know Digital Media works?”My response is simple –there are no guarantees in this world.  But if I had the answer, I would own the most prolific global digital agency. Rather, I suggest addressing this challenge through a … Read more

Are You a Digital Alien, Digital Immigrant, or Digital Native? … Marketing to the Digital WHO

Tweet Becoming Digitally Competitive Every executive acknowledges the digital revolution. They passively explore and search, observe and download. But what are they actively doing about planning, strategizing and implementing digital programs to remain competitive? In fact a Digital Divide is growing between what executives say and what they ”do digitally.”  eMarketer reports that 78% of … Read more

Preparing Future Managers For the Digital World

Tweet Preparing Future Managers for the Digital World:Digital Marketing Alive Course Marketing and Public Relations are being reinvented daily.  Advertising agencies and marketing managers are challenged to learn new skill sets and develop more comprehensive and integrated strategies. How are we preparing students to become future executives and managers and address these challenges? University Business … Read more

18 Best Practices for Adopting Digital Marketing

Tweet Many executives between the ages of 45-65 years are “digital aliens”. They were not brought up in the digital age and feel overwhelmed and sometimes fearful of the new technologies.  Many struggle with the changes necessitated by engaging in Digital Marketing. The result is the New Digital Divide between companies that are fully immersed … Read more

GERVAS: 6 Benchmarks for Digital Marketing Strategy

Tweet GERVAS:  Goal – Engage – Relationship –  Value –  Action – Synthesize GERVAS is the tool to guide the development of your social media campaign. Here are the six elements and the questions to ask? As a business or organization launches a social media program, they try to anticipate the results and make the … Read more

Here’s Proof Digital Marketing Works for Auto Dealers

Tweet In the past two years the social media revolution has ignited the automotive manufacturers to success. IT  WORKS  > > Auto Social Media Factoids: Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, declared, “Social media is the future.” ….Ford’s prowess and investment in social media is legendary. Auto industry will spend about $1.2 billion this year on social … Read more