Digital Marketing synergizes social media with other media channels to realize ROI. Many companies launch into social and mobile media without creating a strategy.

The old school marketers are transaction oriented. Their strategy is to buy more media eyeballs, potentially creating “buzz” and sales. The new media marketers are customer focused, generating interactivity and relationships.

The five phase Digital Marketing Strategy  is comprehensive, customer-centered, and focused on delivering ROI.

Five Phases

  1. Assessment
  2. Strategic Branding
  3. Online Hub
  4. Integrated Media Marketing
  5. Monitoring/Evaluating

Digital Hub

The Assessment Phase utilizes customer insights, touchpoint analysis and digital footprint to determine a company’s market position. Strategic Branding incorporates these findings into a strategy and a Brand. The third phase, Online Environment (website, blog, landing page), is the Hub of the Digital Marketing Strategy.  We select and integrate traditional and social media tools that drive clients to your Online Hub.  Each tool is targeted to different stages of the Integrated Digital Marketing Lifecycle.

Entwine has three new clients that are approaching Digital Marketing from a holistic perspective. David James Custom Homes is one of the largest custom home builders in Virginia. They have a strong reputation for building quality homes. They have been using traditional media (TV, radio, print, direct mail) to gain customer recognition in the market place. Management wants to determine which media channels are most effective at moving a customer through the touchpoint conversion lifecycle – from Awareness to Interest to to Action. They have focused on Assessment before embarking on a Integrated Digital Marketing Plan.

Nancy’s Candy Company, a wholesaler of homemade chocolate candies and confections, has recently opened a new retail store. They are looking at Social Media Marketing as a way to drive traffic into the new storefront. They decided to start with Facebook to test the social media waters.  When they came to Entwine they had a very basic business page with 30 fans/likes.  By using a digital optimization strategy including keyword optimization, custom welcome page, engaging updates and Facebook ads; Nancy’s Candy’s Facebook Page has grown to 240+ fans/likes. The next phase of the project will include a customized targeted Facebook Contest meeting the Facebook Promotion Guidelines. Here’s a sneak peak of the contest.

BMS Direct Inc is a B2B direct marketing solutions provider that upgraded their online environment to be social, interactive and content managed. Our Strategic Branding sessions revealed their need to expand their brand and offer comprehensive solutions. We designed and optimized a WordPress site for their Online Hub, with FTP and ecommerce functionality and a Facebook business page and Twitter account to build an integrated marketing platform.