Here’s Proof Digital Marketing Works for Auto Dealers

Tweet In the past two years the social media revolution has ignited the automotive manufacturers to success. IT  WORKS  > > Auto Social Media Factoids: Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, declared, “Social media is the future.” ….Ford’s prowess and investment in social media is legendary. Auto industry will spend about $1.2 billion this year on social … Read more

Social Media – Déjà vu for the Auto Dealer?

Tweet After many years as a senior manager, consultant, and co-owner on the retail side of the automotive industry I have a unique “view” as I watch the typical automobile dealership management team wrestle with the idea of implementing social media into their organization. It seems the manufacturers have done a great job of educating … Read more

Demonstrating the Power of Digital Marketing in 2 Minutes

Tweet Have you tried to explain to clients, colleagues, businesspeople or students: Why social media works? Why consumers feel they are not listened to? Why traditional advertising has lost much of its power and is not trusted? Why the Digital Media revolution is alive and growing? I recently re-discovered this 2 minute video. It’s a … Read more

Your Six Step Social Media Roadmap

Tweet To be successful at social media you need to have a plan.  As the publisher, you control the power to distribute your content through digital media platforms such as blogs, mobile, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Most businesspersons are overwhelmed with all the options and how to implement them.  These six steps provide a roadmap … Read more

Did You Know… All About Facebook

Tweet Did you know…  Facebook’s value has more than doubled in the past 12 months to over $ 8 billion! Did you know… Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in America! Did you know…  The average Facebook user has 130 friends. Facebook stats are constantly being updated. Recently Mashable included … Read more

5 Tips to Create a Local Hot Destination Using Foursquare

Tweet Small businesses can now create their own hot destination!! During the past several months I’ve been exploring Foursquare, the popular location based social network that incorporates gaming elements.  Foursquare encourages people to explore their neighborhoods and then rewards them for doing so.  Users share their locations with friends by soliciting a location based “check … Read more

Social PR… Social Media and Public Relations?

Tweet To listen to the blogosphere you would think the 30-second TV spot is toast — no longer relevant.  It’s not toast and those spots still work.  Advertising – TV or otherwise still has its place and value in an integrated media marketing strategy. It’s easy to know what to do with a TV ad.  … Read more

9 Tips to Build Your Social Media Search Engine Presence

Tweet Every business wants to be number one on Google for their most relevant search terms. Traditionally, you might develop an organic optimization strategy for your site, perhaps in conjunction with pay-per-click campaigns.  With the advent of real-time indexing of social media sites by search engines, you now have a low cost option for promoting … Read more

5 Steps to Get Immediate Results on Google

Tweet One of the first steps in creating a powerful digital footprint is to add your business to Google Local Business Listings.  In some cases your business may already be listed BUT, you need to claim it. WHY do you need to claim your Google business listing? If your business is unclaimed and missing information, … Read more