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Entwine Digital prepares senior leadership for the necessity of digital transformation and managers to become digitally competitive. This calling is for B2B and B2C small and mid-size companies as well as colleges, hospitals, nonprofits and trade organizations. Some executives/managers are overwhelmed and confused, others are looking for the ROI, and while others are forging digital media campaigns. We design digital strategies and tactics that transform organizations and generate sustainable outcomes.


Digital Transformation Accelerator: Where transformation begins & is sustained 

How to adapt their organization to facilitate Digital Transformation?

 Where does change begin?

digital transformationDigital Transformation is the key phrase among senior leadership. It manifests in organizations under many different names: Digital Transformation Accelerator,Rapid Innovation UnitDigital Services UnitDigital Acceleration Team, and Digital Transformation Unit.  The nature of this manifestation can be an internal or an external disruption, as James McQuivey reports in Organizing for Digital Disruption: Where and How to Ignite the Disruption You Need:

  •  “Internal disruption teams can get results when the company’s culture is trapped in status quo mode but C-level support for disruption is strong. Separating out an internal team can free it from cultural baggage and show naysayers that innovation is possible.”
  • “External disruption teams can succeed when a company is up against both cultural and structural obstacles. If that’s the unfortunate state of your company, then going outside for innovation may be your only choice.”

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