Navigating the Executive’s Digital Paradoxes

How can we prepare executives and managers to navigate the disruptions and respond to the opportunities offered by the digital revolution? A recent Forester study  highlights a fundamental paradox faced by senior management: “Today's executives know digital is a threat. More than 90% of global business executives believe digital will disrupt their business in [...]

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6 Benchmarks for Evaluating a Sustainable Digital Marketing Strategy: SERVAS Digital Analysis

Before designing a Digital Strategy, my clients often ask the “million dollar” question — “How do I know Digital Media works?”My response is simple –there are no guarantees in this world.  But if I had the answer, I would own the most prolific global digital agency. Rather, I suggest addressing [...]

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18 Best Practices for Adopting Digital Marketing

Many executives between the ages of 45-65 years are “digital aliens”. They were not brought up in the digital age and feel overwhelmed and sometimes fearful of the new technologies.  Many struggle with the changes necessitated by engaging in Digital Marketing. The result is the New Digital Divide between companies [...]

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Six Keys to Optimizing Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Anyone with a bit of tech savvy can set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and begin posting updates. . But can they accomplish the needs of a business in this digital age?  Can a tech savvy youth create competitive advantage, the key for businesses in meeting their goals? For most small [...]

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5 Stages of an Integrated Digital Marketing Timeline

Clients generally have unrealistic expectations of a integrated digital marketing strategy.  They expect results immediately or within the first 3-6 months. We prepare our clients for real expectations by reviewing a Digital Marketing Timeline. An Integrated Digital Marketing strategy has five stages during a 27+ month period. (note: the timeline can [...]

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Your Six Step Social Media Roadmap

To be successful at social media you need to have a plan.  As the publisher, you control the power to distribute your content through digital media platforms such as blogs, mobile, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Most businesspersons are overwhelmed with all the options and how to implement them.  These six steps [...]

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Patient Touchpoint Strategy – 4 Steps to Increase Total Patient Experience

Patient Touchpoint Strategy Patient touchpoints or interactions with health care facility and professionals define patient centered care. They determine the total patient experience and satisfaction, affecting not only the clinical tasks but patient outcomes.  With the growth of online and social media, healthcare administrators have new tools to evaluate and effect [...]

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5 Steps to Evaluating Social Media ROI

‘Prove to me social media works!’ That is the cry of many businesspeople when challenged by the hype of Twitter and Facebook. The answer will not come simply from growing social media followers.  Rather, it will come from the effect social media has on expanding and converting your company’s touchpoints. The [...]

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Social PR… Social Media and Public Relations?

To listen to the blogosphere you would think the 30-second TV spot is toast -- no longer relevant.  It’s not toast and those spots still work.  Advertising – TV or otherwise still has its place and value in an integrated media marketing strategy. It’s easy to know what to do with a TV ad.  Advertisers [...]

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